Helping You to Be Happier, Healthier and More Balanced - Now!
"You deserve some TLC"
John Petri, D.A., MMT
• Board Certified Developmental Alphabioticist
• Beautiful Image Specialist
• Personal Performance Coach
• Life Coach
• Multiple Modality Therapist
Beat Stress - NOW!

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It is no secret how tense and stressed out people
are today... you see it at home, at work, at school,
on the road - everywhere!

As a result, our mind-body system reacts as if we are in a constant state of danger, locked in an inappropriate stress state - negatively impacting how we think, feel, communicate, and act - reducing the quality of our lives!

Something needs to be done!

Over the Last few years, using fast, safe, and effective processes, I have helped hundreds of people to be stronger, feel happier, have more mental clarity and focus, be healthier and more balanced, while living and performing at higher levels."

"Unrelieved stress is the underlying cause of all disease!"
- Dr. Hans Seyle, MD., Father of Stress Research
John is available by appointment for individual sessions.
Corporate and group programs are also available.

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